HANGING BY A NAME is first and foremost the result of the collaboration of the three musicians that make up the band. Duarte Feliciano (Guitar and Vocals), Adílio Sousa (Bass Guitar) and Renato Costa (Drums) are a trio by choice, not by accident. Nor is the fact that their music mirrors environments and behaviours that Coimbra, a Portuguese college town where they come from, has exposed them to. A complex alternative power rock framework, unostentatious, pragmatic, caustic, that aggregates their music with literature, visual arts giving birth to something new and full of individuality.

Following the release of their self titled debut album in 2007 by the Portuguese netlabel Lástima and in 2008 by the Californian label Poison Tree Records, 2010 brought us the release of the band's sophomore album titled "II" that was written, recorded and produced entirely by the band's members. HANGING BY A NAME also decided to release "II" on their own label Cogwheel Records. "II" is available both in digital format and as physical copies in Compact Disc format distributed through the band's online stores. 2010 also brought the first change in the member's line up with João Santiago leaving the band due to contractual obligations right after the second live gig of the planned promotional tour for "II" resulting in it's cancellation.

"II" follows up on the universe, characters and ambiance created for the band's debut album music and lyrics and expands on this original concept. It reflects the added maturity and development the band musicians have gained these past two years during wich HANGING BY A NAME have presented themselves live more than 20 times, alongside bands like Riding Panico and Catacombe in established venues such as MusicBox, Porto Rio and Queima das Fitas de Coimbra.

"II" also brought us a book, "MONO", written by Duarte Feliciano in the Summer of 2009 that further develops in a literary form the universe, characters and situations explored in the music and lyrics of the band's two albums. Available both as a free eBook download and as physical book in the band's online store.

The arrival of Renato Costa to the band in September of 2010 as allowed to put back in motion the plans to promote "II" on the road with live gigs. It is hoped that this latest addition to the band's line up will help shape HANGING BY A NAME into a better focused, more proficient and altogether stronger band, with added scope, diversity and reach in the crafting new songs and confident in the band's ability to carve it's own independent path in the universe of music.

2010/2011 is expected to be a key years for HANGING BY A NAME that look upon consolidating the place already conquered amongst their peers as one of the most promising and innovative bands of the Portuguese music scene.

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